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The first step: first move the person you want to attack before.
Step two: use a knife attack. (Of course can not be seen by other people)
The third step: Find the next goal, began to move. The interactive objects in the game will have some hints. After you close these objects, the interactive keys will become available. These items are generally used to create some “accidental” to distract others and ensure their own safety.

The goal is a group of graduating college students, there is no time limit as long as you can get rid of everyone. Squatting in no one or dark corner waiting for those who stroll out, go directly to kill. But most are still in the house carnival. What to do? The aforementioned interactive items come in handy at the moment. For example: secretly open the fire extinguisher, open the oil drum, destroy the power system, turn off the car’s handbrake and so on. (Remember do not let people find) The last resort is to call the insecticidal company, so that everyone will be driven out from the room, the rest is waiting in the wings!

Of course, the face of the police can not panic, did not find you the case, you can use the dance buttons mixed into the crowd of dance. If the situation is not right, with the run quickly leave the scene, fled to the remote corner of the room. Even if the police chase you, do not worry! Playing cat and mouse game, as long as he can not catch up with you, when he left on time. Xiaobian finally inexplicably picked up a piece of clothing, transformed into a white pink trousers dude, action more convenient!

The theme of dark and realistic gameplay captures the hearts of countless players. This exciting work is still worth a try.

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