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Welcome to the world of Radiation City where a great survival adventure awaits you!
Forty years after the unfortunate accident of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, destiny brings you to the area of carefully recreated city of Pripyat. Uncover the amazing story, untangle the mystery and try to save your loved one.
This is not an easy task. It’s a huge open world area filled with dangers and anomalies. Hungry predators and sub-human creatures, they all want a piece of you. The elements, combined with radiation and unexplained phenomenon, make the lovely looking environment a place where you shouldn’t be. Yet, here you are.
Scavenge for resources inside any building and especially the landmarks of Pripyat: hotel Polissya, the cultural center, cinema Prometheus, the swimming pool and all the abandoned flat buildings. Craft and choose your gear wisely. Discover and use the campsites for safely passing the nights. Equipment, weapons and the vehicles you may find and use are your only friends.

The game in order to easily get started or take some time to adapt to the dots on both sides of the screen is responsible for the attack, and drag the fingers on both sides of the screen can control the movement of the character and perspective, respectively, which in the same Type of game has been considered more common, and in the lower right corner were arranged squat, run and jump three buttons, the player can directly click the button to switch, but it is worth mentioning that if the long run , The character will gradually start to wear out and then slow down. Therefore, it is not possible to run with infinite strength. In addition, the backpack and main menu buttons are also located in the upper left and right corner. However, if the player does not feel fit, you can customize the settings in the UI, it is still very convenient.
Just enter the game, the player still belongs to nothing, then the player needs to solve the most basic food and clothing problems, if you see the player on the ground there canned meat or water bottles, then do not miss, and if you can find the backpack, Then players will be able to collect more supplies. Also in this place players will not be too “lonely” due to the impact of radiation in this place will appear a variety of sub-human or hungry carnivores, so a handy weapon is essential, and when the night falls Later, if you do not have weapons and lighting in your hands, or suggest that players find a safe place to take a tent to sleep, at least do not have to worry about being attacked during sleep.
The contents of the game is still very rich, in addition to weapons, food, supplies, all kinds of tools are everything that can be used to open the can opener, used to open the locked door , etc., without these tools Can not, and most of the tool items are durable set. The game room players can enter them, and sometimes the room can also search out a lot of good things. Overall, the quality of the game is still quite good.

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